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"There is no better example of ... the contribution that ... our think tanks [make to] our public policy process ... than the Institute for International Economics."
—Lawrence H. Summers
former Director of the White House National Economic Council

"The Institute is needed more today than ever before."
—Carla Hills
former US Trade Representative

"... Washington's premier think tank on the global economy. Over the past two decades, its researchers have repeatedly demonstrated an uncanny ability to anticipate emerging issues in their analyses and their provocative policy prescriptions."
The Washington Post
December 2001

"One of the things that has always astounded me about [the Institute] is they always have a book coming out about the subject that you just realized was important."
—David Wessel
Wall Street Journal

"Fred Bergsten, backed by the quality of the people at the Institute, has managed to create that fine blend of publications that are both extremely timely and policy-relevant and also of a very high quality."
—Robert B. Zoellick
former President of the World Bank

"There is no institute anywhere in the world . . . that comes close to having the breadth and depth that the Institute for International Economics has in its devotion to international economic studies all over the world."
—Stuart Eizenstat
former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury and Undersecretary of State

"The Institute for International Economics [is] one of the most successful centers for policy research in the world."
—Rockefeller Brothers Fund

"[T]he Institute's work has a credibility that is second to none."
—Phil English
former Member of the US House of Representatives

"I go to the Institute before I go anywhere else because [it] is on the cutting edge."
—Senator Max Baucus
Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee

"[The Institute is] the emblematic think tank of our time."
—Jean-Claude Trichet
former President of the European Central Bank

"For 20 years the Institute has been undertaking important and interesting work on a wide variety of international economic issues, combining intellectual rigor and policy relevance."
—Anne O. Krueger
First Deputy Managing Director
International Monetary Fund

"For some 27 years, the Institute has gained a well-earned reputation as a source of cutting-edge ideas in the area of international economics, and the Peterson Institute is a particularly important place to talk about IMF reform."
—David McCormick
former US Treasury Under Secretary for International Affairs

"The IIE has made a difference on more significant issues of international economic policy than most people can even think of ..."
—Marina v.N. Whitman
former member of the
Council of Economic Advisers
and former vice president
of General Motors

"... research institutes vary widely in both quality and honesty. Among the best on both counts is the Institute for International Economics."
—Paul R. Krugman
professor of economics and international affairs
Princeton University

"Fred Bergsten, together with his associates at the Institute for International Economics, has no equal in setting out relevant issues of economic policy in a comprehensible way."
—Paul A. Volcker
former Chairman of the
Economic Recovery Advisory Board
"[T]he United States Treasury is fortunate to have outstanding think tanks like the IIE nearby to promote debate on key international economic policy issues.... I greatly appreciate their indispensable wisdom."
—Timothy D. Adams
former Under Secretary for International Affairs
US Department of the Treasury

"IIE economists are cited, on a per scholar basis, more than [any of the other economic think tanks] ... Fred Bergsten figures as the most cited think tank-based economist."
The International Economy
From the results of a study comparing economic think tank visibility in the media
September/October 2000

". . . without any doubt the preeminent organization in the world operating outside government and outside universities. . . in analysis of international economic problems. Its publications over the years have been an invaluable reference source for all journalists working the field. . . ."
—Martin Wolf
associate editor and chief economics commentator, Financial Times

"Fred Bergsten's IIE is a highly-respected world model for any center doing work in international economics."
—Mario Monti
Prime Minister of Italy

"In terms of [the Peterson Institute's] ability to shape policy discussion and influence the outcome, here isn't an organization outside government that can touch it."
—Steve Pearlstein
Washington Post
From "A Free-Trade Zone for Ideas," October 20, 2006

"No one has led analysis and discussion of international economics like the Peterson Institute [for International Economics]."
—Tom Keene
Host of Bloomberg Television's "Surveillance"

"These events [at the Peterson Institute for International Economics] are great for us. It's a great opportunity for those of us at the IMF to take work that we've done, serious work, and bring it before your whole community and explain what we've been working on, get reactions, and start to get some of our views around."
—David Lipton
First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

"This is a really unique platform for challenging brainstorming and intellectual exchanges."
—Antonis C. Samaras
Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic

"One of the reasons I've enjoyed being at the Peterson Institute [for International Economics] is that you find places that will now and then have policy proposals and some that do scholarship. It is very rare to find one that really combines the two in a very effective way."
—Robert B. Zoellick
Chairman, International Country Advisors,
Goldman Sachs & Company

Interview in the International Economy
with C. Fred Bergsten
Fall 2006

The International Economy
Summer 2005

"The Peterson Institute does the single best job of think tanks in this town, hands down, of having the best audience. The discussions that go on here are tremendous."
—Maya MacGuineas
President of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

"[The Peterson Institute for International Economics] addresses, in a serious way, not only international economic issues, but how they impact people's lives in various economies. I commend you for that."
—Thomas (Mack) McLarty
President of McLarty Associates and Special Envoy for the Americas during the Clinton Administration